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Chambers and Business Groups



Michael Ratcliffe, Chair of the Association: “As CEO of Cheltenham Chamber, I see how Cheltenham needs to up its game and promote itself as a high quality place in which to live and work …. and I know all our towns in the county face similar issues. I hope that the Association can be innovative and share best practice, encourage discussion, encourage peer-to-peer support, increasing revenue streams for all our business groups who work towards supporting their own local economy.”


Claire Thayers: “The AGBG is made of a team of volunteers, who are seriously dedicated to supporting all businesses and business groups across the county. With our regular programme of networking and training events, we hope to provide a unique and a new approach forum that will help businesses to meet, discuss, collaborate, innovate, promote, participate and grow. Phew! Come along and find out more!”


Paul Brown, Commercial Sales Manager, RAU: “The Royal Agricultural University has been delighted to work with the Association of Gloucestershire Business Groups as a first round venue host. The meetings held at the RAU have brought a number of key stakeholders in the local business groups together to discuss topics and issues affecting all who care as to the future growth of the region in an atmosphere of constructive collaboration.”


Chris Hancock, Cabinet member for Enterprise and Partnerships at CDC: “Across the county, as a whole, businesses could be more focussed on looking at what they want to grow and where, not just in terms of their own businesses, but also looking at the district holistically. What types of new business do they want to attract? What businesses will give the district the greatest productivity, and thus wealth? Where do they want to locate and why? How does that fit with the local dynamic? So, for example, a new highly profitable business could bring in wealth and employment to ensure sustainability of local shops and the like. This should also link up with the LEP who are looking to roll out Growth Hubs across the Cotswolds.”


Stef Cooke Inventory Services and Newent Business Group: Hartpury meeting was great! Can't believe some of the really easy, simple to achieve things that sparked off lightbulbs! Who’d a thought the word "urbanism" was good for any inspiration! Networking and skills sharing, absolute must do things for this year. Thanks for the New Year Inspirations, see you all again soon, hopefully! View the full discussion at


Peter Allison, Director, County Business Shows Ltd: The Gloucestershire Business Show team has been thrilled to have the opportunity to Sponsor and Support the Association’s network events. It’s uncanny to find how closely aligned our objectives are in supporting the business community and smaller business start-ups around the county. Working with Claire, Kathryn and the team has been a breath of fresh air in getting things done, getting to the grass roots of the County’s Businesses and hearing the feedback, concerns, topics and successes has been exactly what we need to feed and inform our content in many areas of The Gloucestershire Business Show. We’re looking forward to a strong and growing relationship.